Manufacturers List Price
Rohde KE750S Three Phase - MANUFACTURERS LIST PRICE with ST411 controller = £18,915.00 + VAT = £22,698.00
CTM Discounted Product Price
# CTM SALES PRICE - Kiln and ST411 (32 ramp) controller = £17,358.17 + VAT = £20,829.80
Product Extras
Rohde 5 Layer Shelf Furniture Set = £1,431.00 + VAT = £1,717.20. 10 x 480mm x 330mm shelves, 24 x 1", 2", 3", 4 props.
CTM Price Total
# CTM SALES PRICE - Kiln and ST411 (32 ramp) Controller and Shelf Set = £18,789.17 + VAT = £22,547.00
Other Option Upgrades
There are a number of options for Rohde front loaders, change of door direction, exhaust hoods, zone control etc

You can speak to us (or send an email) to discuss this kiln or to get advice on what kiln would suit your budget / power supply / size of what you make (shallow and wide or tall and narrow) what clay you use / how often you fire.

We are happy to give advice before you purchase and hold your hand from a distance for years to come. Lead time for a Rohde kiln to arrive at the UK main warehouse from the factory is 5 to 8 weeks after you have placed a deposit. When it is ready we would book in with you and you would make the final payment. The most popular Rohde top loaders we usually have in stock.

Delivery Delivery costs from the factory to the UK have to be quoted separately for this size of kiln
Full Delivery Charges Here
Product Description

KE750S 50kW Three Phase

  • Five sided heating – Walls, door and floor

  • Leg frame comes separate and so the kiln has to be lifted up to attach the legs

  • Delivery is to the roadside, you will need a forklift or industrial movers to lower it off the vehicle and to put in place.

  • In frame ventilation prevents corrosion and reduces surface temperature

  • Recessed heating elements and thermocouples

  • Silicon carbide beams

  • 3 layer insulation wall structure for a hard working, professional kiln

  • Adjustable and lockable door

  • Closed door safety switch

  • Solid state relays

Technical Details

  • Specifications

    KE750S 50kW Three Phase  750 litre  Front Loading Kiln

    • Three Phase 50kW kiln needing electrician fitted cable from a three phase supply

    • Daily working temperature up to 1290°C, maximum temperature 1320°C

    • Internal dimensions: 920mm x 1070mm x 1140mm deep

    • External dimensions: 1660mm x 1610mm x 2040mm tall,

    • Weight 1122 kg, not including the shelves

    • Includes ST411 32 program / 32 ramp controller that can connect via your router (if close enough) to the Rohde My App

    • Available only as a three phase kiln

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