Manufacturers List Price
Rohde TE150MCC 45 amp - MANUFACTURERS LIST PRICE with ST411 controller = £3,840.00 + VAT = £4,608.00
CTM Discounted Product Price
# CTM SALES PRICE for Kiln and ST411 (32 ramp) controller = £3,630.00 + VAT = £4,356.00
Product Extras
Rohde 4 Shelf Furniture Set = £320.00 + VAT = £384.00. 4 x 470mm shelves, 9 x 1", 2", 3", 4 props.
CTM Price Total
# CTM SALES PRICE for kiln and ST411 (32 ramp) Controller and Shelf Set = £3,950.00 + VAT = £4740.00
Other Option Upgrades
You can choose the 2 ramp and soak ST310 controller as included by many other outlets at a price reduction of £70 + VAT = £84.00

You can speak to us (or send an email) to discuss this kiln or to get advice on what kiln would suit your budget / power supply / size of what you make (shallow and wide or tall and narrow) what clay you use / how often you fire.

We are happy to give advice before you purchase and hold your hand from a distance for years to come. Lead time for a Rohde kiln to arrive at the UK main warehouse from the factory is 5 to 8 weeks after you have placed a deposit. When it is ready we would book in with you and you would make the final payment. The most popular Rohde top loaders we usually have in stock.

Delivery Unless collected from the main Doncaster warehouse, roadside/tail lift delivery charges need to be added.
Full Delivery Charges Here
Product Description

Rohde TE150MCC

  • Designed for regular use at temperatures suitable for earthenware, stoneware and porcelain firing.
  • Can be taken apart to go through doorways as narrow as 550mm.
  • 2-layer insulation concept structure.
  • Reversible kiln stand to lower or raise the kiln.
  • CTM supply the Rohde MCC and S range with the ST411 (32 programme / 32 ramp controller) – most other outlets supply the ST310 controller (2 heating ramp, soak and one controller cooling ramp, then natural cooling). Both of hese controllers can connect to your wifi if within range and then to the Rohde My App.
  • This is a 45 amp kiln and would require an electrician fitted dedicated cable from the consumer unit / fuse board.
  • Typical lead time for manufacture and shipping to the UK is 6-8 weeks –  please ask.

28th March 2024 we do have a TE150MCC single phase test kiln on sale at a heavy discount

Technical Details

  • Specifications

    Rohde TE150 MCC – 150 litre 46 amp kiln

    • Recommended daily working temperature of up to 1250°C, though will go as high as 1320°C.
    • 10.5kW, 46 amp power requirement – fitted with a 63 amp blue single phase CEE commando style 3 pin plug and would require an electrician fitted dedicated cable from the consumer unit / fuse board.
    • Internal dimensions: 520mm diameter x 690mm high.
    • External dimensions: 800mm x 870mm x 1000mm, 109kg
    • For more information on plug-in, single phase and three phase power see FAQ page
    • This kiln can also be ordered as a three-phase kiln.
    • If your electrician says that 45/46 amps is too high, have a look at the Ecotop 145S which has a 40 amps requirement.
    • You can order 4 wheels (2 braked) for £110.00 + VAT = £132.00 – we can pre-fit them if you ask (though remind us when we book the delivery date with you).
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