Wooden Batts for Potters Wheels

  • The batts can be marked for holes for Rohde, Frema, Shimpo but we do not drill them.
  • Clean the board by wiping with a damp cloth or scrubbing brush.
  • Do not soak the board or leave it in water for long.
  • Wipe dry standing on one end so can dry on both sides.
  • Avoid warping by using alternating sides.
  • Do not force dry by heating them up.
  • Most people buy them a bit bigger than the wheelhead to make it easier to lift.

MDF Resistant BattDiameterEachRate for Any Ten
WB4A305 mm£6.00 + VAT = £7.20£5.80 + VAT = £6.96
WB4B330 mm£6.70 + VAT = £8.04£6.50 + VAT = £7.80
WB5360 mm£6.80 + VAT = £8.16£6.60 + VAT = £7.92
WB5A380 mm£7.00 + VAT = £8.40£6.80 + VAT = £8.16

PLY Resistant BattDiameterEachRate for Any Ten
WB8A305 mm£7.30 + VAT = £8.76£7.10 + VAT = £8.52
WB9330 mm£7.70 + VAT = £9.24£7.50 + VAT = £9.00
WB5360 mm£8.20 + VAT = £9.84£8.00 + VAT = £9.60
WB5A380 mm£8.50 + VAT = £10.20£8.30 + VAT = £9.96

Tile Batt Systems – see TBS-300/150 (No Pins) and TBS-350/150 (Pins)

TBS-300/150 (No Pins)  – 300 mm MDF Tile Batt System – No Pins – with 150 mm x 6 mm batt inserts and Stay-Put Batt Rug – £83.33 + VAT = £100.00

TBS-150/6 – Set of 5 x 150 mm MDF Tile Inserts, 6 mm thick for the No Pin Systems – £16.67 + VAT = £20.00

This Over-the-Wheel Style Standard Batt System is manufactured from Premium 15mm MDF. The unique design is especially for pottery wheels with NO batt pins – this is for a 300mm wheel head such as the Shimpo RK3D, RK55D, RK3T. We can order you a 310mm to fit a Bailey. It includes the following items:-

  • 1 x Master Batt (made to fit your wheel)
  • 1 x Stay-Put Batt Rug (made from a synthetic non-animal Product)
  • 5 x 150mm Tile Inserts (made from 6mm Premium MDF).

It is quite normal to have a millimetre or so of movement when you put your master batt on the wheel.  When the wheel starts spinning, and the wet batt rug is in place, there will be no excess movement.  This is part of the unique design.  It has been successfully tested for throwing up to 10kg of clay.  

To Use:

Soak the Batt Rug in water. Place flat and smooth on the wheel. Then place the master batt on top, and use the tile inserts as required. Throw!

This is a video of the Over-the-Wheel Batt System in action!

TBPS-350/150 (Pins)– 350 mm MDF Tile Batt System – For Pins – with 150 mm x 9 mm batt inserts – £62.50 + VAT = £75.00

TBS-150/9 – Set of 5 x 150 mm MDF Tile Inserts, 9 mm thick for the With Pin Systems – £20.83 + VAT = £25.00

This batt system is designed with BOTH 250 mm and 254 mm x 10 mm holes to suit Frema, Rohde and some Shimpo wheel heads

  • Please do not leave tiles or batts soaking in water.  Wood is a natural Product and this could cause swelling or warping.
  • To clean just wipe with a damp sponge to remove any clay.
  • Remove the batts from wheel when not in use.
  • Please dry & store vertically.
  • Do not use metal scourers or screwdrivers on these batts as this can cause damage.

Hartley no pin batt system 1
hartley pin batt system
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